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*Samples are free ?
  - Rubber Sheet Samples are free.
  - Molded & Extruded Rubber samples we have in stock are also free.
  - Custom molded & extruded products not free if we need to make a new mold,you need to afford the mold cost,which will be  back to you when placing an order.

*How to pack ?
 - Silicone Sheet & Viton Sheet in rolls in plastic and woven bags.
 - Extruded Rubber Products in rolls in cartons.Length per roll depends the specs of products,from 50 feet to 500 feet,or custom length .
 - Molded Rubber Products in plastic bags in cartons.
 - PU sealants and adhesive are in soft packing,buckets,etc.

*Delivery time ?
 A/. For Smaples:
- Rubber Sheet and stock extrusion or moulding parts will be sent out within 3-5 days.
-Custom Extruded Rubber Sample within 10 days,usually a week.Custom molded parts within 20 days,usually 15 days.
- Silicone Sheet and Viton Sheets are within 14 days.
- Extruded Rubber within 14 days.
- Molded Parts depends on the quantity.

Please contact us if you have any questions.