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CF Industries' Silicone & Viton Division,a China manufacturer dedicating to Silicone Rubber,Viton Rubber,Sheet & Rolls,
Extruded Rubber Profiles,Molded Rubber Parts,Rubber Sheets.  There are 
Silicone Rubber Sheet,Silicone Extrusions,
Silicone Tubings & Cords,Viton Rubber Sheets,Viton Tubes and CordsCustom MoldedExtruded Rubber Parts,O Rings,Gaskets,
Rubber Seals,Industrial Rubber Sheets and Rolls,PU Sealant and Adhesives,etc.

In a long term,the silicone and viton rubber products of our company have been sold not only in China but exported to more than 30 
countries,like U.S.A,Canada,Spain,U.K.,Australia,France,Italy,Brazil,South Africa,as well as Middle East & South East Asia. Moreover,
we are pround to see that all of the products obtained widespread acclaims from our customers.

Our factory covers an area of 9500 square meters and 348 workers.We manufacture full kinds of silicon rubber sheet,can be able to
extruded almost all shapes of silicone rubber profiles,produce many kinds of molded rubber parts polyurethane sealant.  Main products include the below.


1). Silicone Rubber Sheet

    * Industrial Silicone Rubber Sheeting and Rolls
    * Food Grade Silicone Rubber Sheet
    * Ultra-thin Silicone Rubber Sheet 
    * Silicone Sheet for Solar-energy Laminating Machine
    * Silicone Sheet for Vaccum Film Laminating Machine
    * Silicone Sheet for Laminating Glass Furnace
    * Silicone Sponge / Foam Rubber Sheet.
2). Extruded Silicone Rubber 
    * Silicone Rubber Extrusions 
    * Silicone Tubing & Cords
    * Silicone Sealing Strip
    * Silicone U Channels,Squares,Rectangles
    * Silicone Gaskets
    * All kinds of Extruded Silicone Rubber Sections & Shapes 
3). Viton Rubber 
    * Viton Sheet and Rolls
    * Viton Extrusions
    * Viton Cords,Tubings,Profiles,Squares,etc.
    * Viton Oil Seals
    * Viton O Rings
    * Viton Gasket,Grommet,Washers
    * Custom Extruded and Molded Viton Rubber Parts
4). Molded & Extruded Rubber Products 
   * Rubber O-Ring Seals                                                 * Extruded Rubber Seal Strips,edge trims
   * Rubber Gasket & Washer                                          * Rubber Tubes and Cords
   * Rubber Boots                                                            * Rubber Squares,Rectangles,L,E,P,D,shapes.                  
   * Rubber Grommet                                                       * Extruded Rubber Fenders
   * Custom Moulding Rubber Parts                                  * Co-extruded Rubber Profiles                                                                                      * Foam Rubber Tube and profiles
                                                                                     * Custom Extruded Rubber Sections
5). Industrial Rubber Sheets & Mats
   - SBR rubber sheet                             - Natural rubber sheet                                 - Silicone rubber sheet
   - Viton rubber sheet                             - EPDM rubber sheet                                  - Nitrile / NBR rubber Sheet
   - Neoprene / CR rubber sheets       - Cloth / nylon insertion rubber sheets and rolls,Reinforced rubber sheet
   - Cloth face Rubber Sheet                 - Anti slip rubber mats                                - Fine ribbed rubber sheets
    -Checker rubber sheeting                 - Diamond rubber mat                                - Stud / Coin rubber sheets 
5).Polyurethane Sealant & Adhesive 

Please do not be limited in our company and domain name that NOT ONLY can we produce the Extruded & Molded products in Silicone and Viton,BUT we have vast experience in Extruding & Molding in EPDM,SBR,NBR,Neoprene,etc.

Custom Extruding and Molding are welcome,we can deliver you the products to meet your drawings and specifications.

Total customer satisfaction is our first aim,if you are looking for a reliable and cost effective source,why not  take your phone or email to contact us for good quality & a competitive price.

Silicone Rubber Sheet      Solid Silicone Rubber Sheets               Silicone Extrusions          Silicone Tubings & Cords  
Viton Rubber
                      Viton sheet              Rubber Sheet      Viton Tube & Cords      Viton Extrusions & Molded Viton Parts
Molded Rubber Parts       Extruded Rubber Products                   Viton O rings                 PU Sealant & Adhesive