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Viton Tubes & Cords

Viton Tubes & Cords Viton Tubes & Cords Viton Tubes & Cords
Product name : Viton Tubes & Cords
Item : Viton-03
Details :

Viton Rubber ( FKM ) has the best stability against medium soaking amongs all the rubber materials,
CF Industries manufacture quality viton rubber tubes and viton cords in a wide range size,which have been exported to France,
Spain,Italy,Australia,USA,Middle East,etc.

* Size available from 1mm to 50mm.
* Temperature resistance of viton tubings and cords is -50℃ - 270 ℃,instant temperature can reach to 300℃.
* The specific gravity is 2.0g/cm3.
* Packed in rolls as your requested length. 

We also manufacture Viton FKM squares,rectangles,viton rubber seal strips,viton seals,extruded viton rubber profiles,custom extruded viton rubber section shapes are common.

For further information about extruded Vion tube,cord and other Viton extrusion profiles,please contact us.

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