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Silicone Tubing and Cord

Silicone Tubing and Cord Silicone Tubing and Cord Silicone Tubing and Cord Silicone Tubing and Cord
Product name : Silicone Tubing and Cord
Item : Silicon-02
Details :

CF Industries are able to manufacture silicone rubber tubing and silicone cords for a wide variety of applications,like the food & dairy industry, pharmaceutical companies, machine manufacturers and other users.

The Properties of Extruded Silicone Rubber Tube & Cords :
1) Temperature resistance:  -60°C - +220°C
2) Colours in translucent,Red ,blue,or other cutom colours.
3) Diameter can be in 1mm to 80mm
4) Custom length and diameter of Silicone Tubings & Cords .
5) Food & medical grade silicone tube and cords are available.
6) Translucent silicone tubes,Red silicone tubing,White silicone rubber tube,Blue silicon tubes,Transparent silicone tubing,etc

Not only silicone rubber tube and cords we can extruded,we also made the tubes in material of Viton,EPDM,Foam Rubber,NBR,etc.

There are different names in different countries for Silicone Tubings,Silicone Tube,Silicon Tube,Silicone Rubber Tube,Silicon Rubber Tubings.There are translucent silicone tubings,red silicone tube,white silicone tubing,blue silicon tubes,and other colours.

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