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Silicone Extrusions

Silicone Extrusions Silicone Extrusions Silicone Extrusions Silicone Extrusions
Product name : Silicone Extrusions
Item : Silicon-01
Details :

CF Industries are experts in silicone extrusion profiles,we can extrude almost all silicone rubber shapes with 
a wide range sizes to suit your needs.

Our extruded silicone rubber profiles include standard "U" channels,"P" "D" "L" "E" "U" "B " " H "sections,etc and 
Custom Shapes of Silicone Rubber Rxtrusions are available, we can manufacture silicone profiles by your samples or drawings.

****** We are capable of manufacture large profile silicone extrusions. If you CAN NOT find a supplier who is able to extrude silicone extrusions with large cross-sections and big dimensions,just contact us,we can manufacure silicone extrusions up to 200 mm wide !

Properties of silicone rubber extrusions:
- Hardness: 45 Shore A -80 Shore A.
- Temperature-Resistant -60°C - +220°C
- Color in translucent,red,black,white,orange,etc.


- High temperature seal,heat sealing
-Sealing & Glazing in building construction such as door and window seals
- Automotive.
- Road and Bridge
- Areospace
- Food Industries,Medical etc

We already have over 10,000 dies available for silicone extrusion profiles,which are mostly for our oversea customers from over 30 countries, there are  U.S.A,France,U.K.,Canada,Australia,Spain,Italy,East Europe countries,Korea,etc. What we are pride of 
is we have never complained for quality problem from our customers.
If you have any question or enquiry for silicon rubber,just contact us.

Please Note that beside silicone extruded products,our Extrusion Division are also able to extrude the profiles in 
Viton,EPDM,Foam Rubber,Plastic,TPE,TPV,etc.


Extruded Silicone Products:
- Silicone rubber tubing-Silicone cord- Squares- Rectangles- Silicone Gaskets- Extruded silicone sealing strips,U 
channels,"P" "D" "L" "E" "U" "B " shapes- Custom silicone extruion profiles  in a wide range of sizes- 
Food and Medical grade is available

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